Masii one of the best online fintech Credit Card


Masii, one of the best online fintech Credit Card brokers and trustworthy financial comparison platform in Thailand

SAVINGSASIA (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. or “masii” is the only financial technology company of B.Grimm group; 140-year-old multibillion dollar conglomerate in Thailand. In February 2016, the company officially launched ‘’ website which is the digital financial product comparison platform. Within a few years, masii has risen increasingly, and has successfully turned to be in the Top 3 in comparing financial products industry in South East Asia.

Max Meyer, CEO and co-founder of masii, has the objective to bring masii’s fintech platform to best serve the customers with a wide range of financial products with the comparison that clearly shows the advantages and disadvantages, and to allow the customers to make a decision wisely. Also, masii has established good business relationships with renowned banking and financial partners. With the willingness to bring the best service and products to fit customers’ needs, masii has the mission to create transparency and empower users to make a smarter decision when choosing personal loans,  car insurance, credit cards,, travel insurance and drone insurance.


In addition, focuses on cutting-edge technology to make its platform accurate, trustworthy and scalable. Moreover, masii simplifies the whole process by presenting the right information that is easy to understand including key features and benefit details. After the official launch in February 2016, has over 5 million visitors. With the offers of 7,000 listings of banking and insurance products, has become market leader in financial product comparisons for credit cards partnered with the prestigious banks in Thailand and more than 40 reliable partners for car insurances.

Furthermore, is on the top for almost every search result related to Personal loan, Credit Card and most of the top search financial keywords. Plus, more than 90 percent of Drone users also enjoyed the service that masii provided. In the near future, masii aims to attract over 10 percent of Thailand’s overall online population or about 3.8 million of people.


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